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Aircraft Acquisitions
When you’re in the market to purchase an airplane, SAG will carefully evaluate your preferences and personal travel needs to locate the best aircraft available. We’ll match your specific requirements and provide you with optimal candidates for consideration. You can rely on our meticulous approach and years of experience to provide you with options that ensure both value and safety in the acquisition process.

In evaluation potential aircraft, we’ll pay special attention to:
  • Inspection Cycles – we’ll review history of inspections and results, as well as the expected longevity of existing engines and parts.
  • Expenses – we’ll calculate the costs of future maintenance requirements and how they affect the overall value of the aircraft. We’ll also project the hourly cost of flights to ensure your requirements are accommodated.
  • Maintenance - we’ll analyze the condition of the avionics, engines, etc. and we’ll determine what, if any, upgrades might be required.
  • FAA compliance – we’ll determine whether the aircraft is current with any mandated upgrades and requirements.
Once we’ve worked with you to select an aircraft, we’ll see you through the entire purchase removing the burden of negotiation. We’ve been there before, and SAG will happily negotiate the purchase for you to drive the best possible value.

In addition to aircraft selection and purchase, at SAG we’ll also manage any pre-buy inspection to verify that the aircraft meets all specified requirements. Should the aircraft need any additional updates, at your request we’ll design and manage all phases of interior and exterior refurbishment.

Having completed your recent aircraft purchase, we know you’ll want to protect your investment for years to come. At SAG, we also offer a variety of aircraft insurance options at a favorable rate.
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