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Aircraft Management and Operations
As a valued SAG customer, our highly-trained and expert flight department is always at your service. Our aircraft professionals will address any aircraft need you come across, day or night. Whether we’re assisting you with aircraft maintenance, expense management, or aircraft staffing, we have the resources and experience to keep you moving. And always with an unwavering focus on safety.

When it comes to aircraft maintenance, with SAG you know you’re in good hands. Your aircraft will receive any and all scheduled maintenance procedures assuring full compliance with FAA requirements and your peace of mind. Our certified maintenance professionals will keep your aircraft safe and performing at its best. In order to provide that added level of service, at SAG we maintain a network of maintenance vendors ready to assist when necessary.

Expense Management
When it comes to operating your aircraft, at SAG we have the insight and experience to manage your expenditures wisely. On an ongoing basis, costs to operate the aircraft are carefully monitored for efficiency. And at SAG, we’re happy to pass along our quantity discounts on fuel, training, insurance, and outside maintenance to our clients.

At SAG, we know that when embarking on a trip of any length, an experienced, professional flight crew is essential in assuring a successful and enjoyable flight. We’ll ensure that the crew is appropriate not only for the flight, but also for you the client. In delivering the level of service our clients have come to expect, we make the special efforts to ensure you’re as comfortable as possible.

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